Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Khosravi has earned positive reviews from former patients. Beverly Hills Breast Implants patients’ especially keep referring Dr. Khosravi to their friends and family, as he has specialized in creating fuller and firmer breasts in complete harmony with the rest of the body. There are several reasons why Beverly Hills Breast Implants have become popular today. For us, the most important reason is increase of self confidence of the patient, in addition to improving their overall appearance.


Along with Breast Augmentation, many patients seek Breast Lift (also known as Mastopexy). Age affects breasts by reducing the skin’s natural elasticity. This, together with the effects of gravity makes a women’s breasts droop over time.


Very large breasts often cause embarrassment, as well as other physical discomfort and medical problems. The goal of Beverly Hills Breast Reduction is to reduce the fat for smaller, lighter and firmer breasts.


Is your chest a source of embarrassment? If you are a man and no amount of exercise helps improve your chest area, or if your chest area is too slack, it is time to consider a plastic surgery option.