Every time we move a facial muscle, skin moves. This can result in lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet, gummy smiles, platysmal bands in the neck, chin dimpling and a turned-down mouth. Other conditions such as smoker’s lines and excessive sweating of the underarms, palms or feet can also cause concern to a patient.

If you have these conditions, Botox® may be the answer. Botox® contains Botulinum toxin type A which is simply a muscle relaxer and is used to paralyze a muscle temporarily in order to provide wrinkle reduction and/or sculpt the face by preventing muscular contraction. Used since the 70's, Botox® is now the number-one noninvasive aesthetic treatment and is key for the prevention of facial lines.

When you meet with Dr. Khosravi, experienced skin care consultants will assess your needs carefully before guiding you toward a treatment that matches your desires and needs. For some patients, it may be more appropriate to combine Botox® with another skin care or rejuvenation treatment, such as injectable dermal fillers, but in many cases, Botox® applied by our highly skilled nurse injectors, will be sufficient to create the results you want. Results typically last 3 months.


Dermal Filler is a general term used for any injectable product which gives your face a more youthful, wrinkle free appearance. They are used to fill soft tissue in problem areas and can be less expensive than surgery. However, the treatment will have to be repeated after a certain interval to maintain your desired appearance.
Some dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with each other to focus on separate parts of the face and to achieve a balanced look of beauty.


Fat injections reportedly started in 1893 when German physician Franz Neuber used a small piece of upper arm fat to build up the face of a patient whose cheek had large pit caused by inflammation. It is still in use today and considered a safe alternative to those who are not interested in chemical solutions.

Another advantage to fat transfer is that it is more permanent than other dermal fillers. Some doctors even argue that since patients are using their own fat cells, the body is less likely to reject the tissue.

If you are suffering from wrinkles, trauma scars, acne scars, sunken areas due to aging or just want to plump up a part of your face, fat injections should definitely be considered as a possibile treatment.


Juvéderm® XC is the smooth gel filler used to instantly smooth away moderate facial wrinkles and folds, perioral lines such as smoker’s lines, prejowl areas, cheeks, sunken eyes and wrinkly lips. One treatment alone can give you smooth and natural-looking results lasting up to a year.

Juvéderm® XC is infused with lidocaine to improve your comfort level during the treatment performed by highly skilled nurse injectors. Juvéderm® XC gives you the smooth results you expect from an injectable filler with improved comfort.


Produced by Allergen, the same pharmaceutical company which also is the manufacturer of Botox®, Latisse® is a serum developed to enhance the look of sparse, thin lashes, making them fuller, thicker and darker. Latisse®’s active ingredient (Bimatoprost,) was discovered to have a positive effect on the appearance of lashes while being used as a treatment for elevated intraocular pressure. Later, clinical trials revealed that 78% of participants (versus 18% for placebo) experienced a significant increase in overall eyelash prominence.


The Perfect Peel is a non-invasive way to lift fine lines and wrinkles as well as lighten the melasma, sun damage and hyperpigmentation of your facial skin. It usually entails in approximately 5-7 days of peeling and is relatively pain-free.

You will need to repeat the treatment once every 4 weeks to achieve optimal results if you have severe skin conditions. Otherwise, a series of 2-3 treatments per year will sustain your rejuvenation as long as you continue to use related skin care products.

The entire treatment will take approximately 15-30 minutes


Radiesse® is made of calcium hydroxylapatite, the main component in bone. The calcium particles support growth of new collagen.

Indicated for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, it is also intended for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss. Radiesse® will last at least one year or longer, but it is not permanent.

Not meant for lips, it can be used to create a “foundation” on which other products, like hyaluronic acid fillers, can be placed to create the volume and correction of fine lines. Advanced techniques include nasal contouring, cheek or chin augmentation, hand rejuvenation, and post-rhinoplasty refinement.


Restylane® is a biodegradable, non-animal based hyaluronic acid used as a dermal filler to restore volume and fullness to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that already exists in the human body which is completely compatible with Restylane® .

Restylane® and other hyaluronic acids are used for the correction of moderate facial wrinkles and folds, perioral lines such as smoker’s lines, prejowl areas, cheeks, sunken eyes and wrinkly lips.


Scars can be embarrassing, annoying or traumatizing to any person and many patients choose to have scar therapy to return to their previous appearance or to fix a defect they have had their entire lives. This is a common procedure in the United States and also minimally-invasive.

Patients can choose a surgical treatment, but they can also consider an injectable filler which may be less expensive, but will also need to be repeated.


Sculptra® treats the loss of fat in the face (facial lipatrophy) which can cause a sunken appearance. This could be because of aging, trauma, weight loss and anti-HIV medication.

Sculptra® is injected into the skin where fat has been Levitra lost and it creates collagen neo-synthesis which causes the skin to thicken. It can last up to two years and is sometimes referred to as a “liquid facelift.”

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